The Buckingham

The Buckingham

Designed in 1903, Newey & Bloomer launched the patented ‘Buckingham’ Simplex Kettle for gas stoves in an era when there was little stove-top flame control.  The special coil at the base of the Buckingham kettle created convection heat transfer resulting in a rapid boil copper kettle for gas stoves.  Perhaps an early example of energy efficiency!

Queen Victoria was the first reigning monarch to appoint Buckingham Palace as The Sovereign’s official London residence – a custom which lives on today – and like all great traditions the Simplex Kettle ‘Buckingham’ is still one of our most popular models in homes all over the world.  

The Simplex Kettle ‘Buckingham’ is the perfect solid copper kettle for gas stoves and is available in 2 different exteriors – copper and chrome.

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